Micro SD card (Micro Secure Digital card) is the flash memory card widely used as storage device in Digital camera, Mobile phones, MP3 players etc. The Micro SD format was originally called as T-Flash card before adopted by the SD card association. The Trans Flash (TF) cards and Micro SD cards are identical in format and can be used in devices supporting both cards. But unlike TF card, Micro SD cards have the capability of supporting the NFC ( Near Field Communication) system.

The MicroSD format was created by SanDisk. It was originally called T-Flash, and then TransFlash, before being renamed MicroSD when adopted by the SD Card Association (SDA). Other flash card formats approved by the SDA include MiniSD and standard SD card. The SDA (SD card Association) announced the MicroSD format at CTIA Wireless 2005 on March 14, 2005, and approval of the final MicroSD specification was announced on July 13, 2005. At launch, the MicroSD format was available in capacities of 32, 64, and 128 MB. In July 2006, SanDisk introduced a 2 GB MicroSD card.

Micro SD card is about a quarter the size of a standard SD card. MicroSD card is the smallest memory card available with a size of 15mm x 11mm x 0.7 mm. Micro SD is the format used for the removable flash memory cards. There are adapters in devices meant to use standard SD or Mini SD cards to insert the MicroSD card. Older TransFlash cards are available in 16MB and 32MB format. MicroSD cards are currently available in capacities from 64 MB to 2 GB, while MicroSDHC cards are currently available in capacities from 4 GB to 64 GB.

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