Electrophysiology Techniques

Single-unit recording
Single Unit Recording is the use of an electrode to record the electrophysiological activity (action potentials) from a single neuron.
Patch Clamp Technique
Patch Clamp Technique is a laboratory technique in electrophysiology that allows the study of single or multiple ion channels in cells.

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Compact Disc.How it store data?

A Compact Disc (CD) is an optical disc used to store digital data. CD-ROMs and CD-Rs remain widely used technologies in the computer industry.CD-ROM drives employ a near-infrared 780 nm laser diode. The laser beam is directed onto the disc via an opto-electronic tracking module, which then detects whether the beam has been reflected or scattered.

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Mobile Detector

This is my most popular circuit published in Electronics For You.This Mobile Bug detects an active mobile phone from a distance of 2 meters radius even in the silent mode.It detects incoming calls,outgoing calls,SMS,MMS,Video recording etc.It beeps at the moment it detects a mobile phone activity.It is an ideal device to check unauthorized use of mobile phones in restricted areas such as Confidential rooms, examination … Continue reading Mobile Detector