Infrared Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision system is used to take images of things that generate Passive Infrared rays in the form of heat. The system senses the infrared and produces a video image of the same using the infrared camera. This device is sensitive to only the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The system uses a Photocathode sensitive to infrared.
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Night Alert Circuit

This is my circuit Night Alert published in Electronics For You November 2008 issue. I got this idea in the midnight when my pet dog barked continuously by sensing shadows of moving leaves in wind.This circuit turns on a Lamp for three minutes when the dog barks and then goes off .This makes the dog silent and also gives the impression that the occupants have … Continue reading Night Alert Circuit

Night Vision in Animals

The Night time world is never closed for nocturnal animals. Unlike humans, many animals possess adaptations that allow them to see even when the night sky is very dark. Animals have developed amazing adaptations to their environments. Most nocturnal animals have large eyes relative to their body size. This adaptation, along with the ability to dilate their pupils far wider than humans can, maximizes the amount of light entering into the eye.

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