Organic LED. The exciting display device

Organic LED, the commonly called OLED is a solid state semiconductor light emitting diode having a thickness of 100 to 500 nanometers. It is also called as Organic Electro Luminescent Device (OELD) These devices are currently used in small screen displays such as mobile screen, digital camera etc. The OLED display is much thinner than LCD and consumes less power. Research in the field of OLED is progressing and many manufacturers are trying to make OLED displays in TV, computer monitor etc

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Light Emitting Diode

LEDs form an inevitable part in the modern electronics as simple indicators to optical communication devices. Light Emitting Diodes exploit the property of the p-n junction to emit photons when it is forward biased. LEDs are specially made diodes to emit light when a potential is applied to its anode and cathode.
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Knowledge sharing

Now you can also post bits of information related to electronics and Animal life in my blog. Prepare the matter in word format, half to one page and send it to as attachment.Don’t forget to give your full name and address. I will post it in your name. You can write about circuits, components,life of animals etc. Share your knowledge with others.

Power regulation using IC

Voltage regulation through Fixed Voltage Regulator IC is the most suitable method.78xx series positive and negative regulators are widely used to get fixed voltage to drive loads. Here explains a circuit design to get regulated voltage from a 12 volt 500 mA power supply .This circuit can deliver 5 volts at 300 mA for driving a load. The circuit is Voltage and Current regulated and with Polarity and Surge protection components.

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To get precise voltage to a circuit, the simplest and easy way is to use a Zener diode. Zener based voltage regulators use the reverse breakdown voltage characteristics of the zener to maintain a fixed voltage to the load

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