Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery

NiMH battery outperforms other rechargeable batteries and has higher capacity and less voltage depression. These properties make them ideal for use in high drain devices like digital camera.The toxic Cadmium is absent in NiMH battery so it is the most Eco friendly one.

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Fixed Inductor

Inductance (L) is the property of an electrical circuit whereby changes in current flowing in the circuit produces changes in the magnetic field such that a counter EMF is set up in that circuit or in neighboring ones. If the counter EMF is set up in the original circuit, it is called self-inductance and if it is set up in a nearby circuit then it is called mutual inductance.Fixed inductor uses multiple coils of a conducting material to store energy using a magnetic field. It belongs to the electromagnet family. The voltage produced is proportional to the rate of change in current flowing through it. The higher the number of coils and input current, the higher is the inductance
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