Fixed Inductor

Inductance (L) is the property of an electrical circuit whereby changes in current flowing in the circuit produces changes in the magnetic field such that a counter EMF is set up in that circuit or in neighboring ones. If the counter EMF is set up in the original circuit, it is called self-inductance and if it is set up in a nearby circuit then it is called mutual inductance.Fixed inductor uses multiple coils of a conducting material to store energy using a magnetic field. It belongs to the electromagnet family. The voltage produced is proportional to the rate of change in current flowing through it. The higher the number of coils and input current, the higher is the inductance

The unit of inductance is the Henry (H) and is the value of inductance in which an induced EMF of one volt is produced when the inducing current is varied at the rate of one ampere per second. The henry is commonly sub-divided into several smaller units, the milliHenry abbreviated mH, the microHenry abbreviated µH, and the nanoHenry abbreviated nH.

Fixed Inductor

Fixed value inductors are now available with colour coded body. Most common type is the LGA series colour coded lead type (Resistor like) one which is readily available. It has excellent ferrite core material and has high Q and self resonant frequencies. These inductors are widely used in oscillator circuits. The value (in uH) of the inductor can be easily obtained using the colour code chart.

How it Works?

The Fixed Inductors are made up of coils of high conducting material such as copper or aluminum which is wound around a core of ferrous material. The electric current is passing through the coil, creates a magnetic field in the inductor. When the current passing through the inductor changes, the magnetic field also changes which causes an electromotive force.This e.m.f is against the current that induces it and this produces a voltage in the direction opposite to the change in current. This voltage is called inductance. The unit of measurement is the Henry (H). The ferrite core induces more capacitance.

Important features of Fixed Inductors

1.Compact design, small and lightweight
2.Contribute to be high Q and self-resonant frequencies
3.Coating epoxy resin that ensures humidity-resistant to be long life
4.Taping type that is convenient for automatic equipments
5.Inductance: 0.1uH to 39mH
6. Color code marking

Colour code chart of Fixed Inductor