Timer for Mosquito Destroyer

This is my circuit published in Electronics for You Magazine March 2010 issue.I have designed this circuit to reduce the inhalation of toxic chemicals from the liquid vaporizer. The timer action of the circuit switches On /Off the vaporizer at an interval of 15 minutes.This reduces the quantity of chemicals in the air and increases the usage time of the liquid.Full circuit is given as image .


3 thoughts on “Timer for Mosquito Destroyer

  1. This circuit is a very use full circuit, as it will save both energy & the chemical of the machine. I think it is best for large scale production. It could also be used for other appliance control, by adjusting the value of the capacitor, the on/off time could be easily controlled. It is also a good project for school projects.

  2. It is so interesting to know about the circuit.The scope for commercial manufacture may be sought out.Then it will be beneficial to the society.Boost up ur hobby.

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