Transistor Coding

Transistor is a semi conductor device which is made as a separate electronic component or as part of integrated circuits. These are made from Silicon or Germanium material. Majority of transistors are Silicon types and they can tolerate high temperature. Transistors may be Bipolar or Field effect transistor.Information for a particular transistor is shown as a code on the body of the transistor.

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Inverter Selection

“My Inverter is not giving sufficient backup”. This is the most common complaint raised against the home inverter system. We expect maximum backup time from the inverter system with a tubular battery, but unfortunately we get half or less backup time than we expect. What is the reason for that? Before blaming the inverter, let us see what is happening.

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Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction is the method to reduce the lagging power factor in inductive loads by fixing a high value capacitor across the phase and neutral close to the load. When the Voltage and Current are in phase with each other in an AC circuit, the energy from the source is fully converted into another form to drive the load and in this case power factor is in unity. When the power factor drops, the system becomes less efficient. As a rule a drop from unity to 0.9 in the power factor increases the current requirement to 15% or more.

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AC Powered High power LED

Here is a High power White LED lamp that gives ample light in a room. It is an energy saving lamp and consumes very little power to give sufficient light. The lamp is directly powered from AC hence it is compact and easy to fix inside the switch board box.

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