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Midnight Security Light

This is my circuit published in Electronics For You magazine February 2009 issue. I have designed this circuit to switch on a lamp in the backyard of house around 1 AM in the midnight to abort the theft attempt by lighting the premises.It is fully automatic and energy saving design.
Circuit in PDF

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Stress Meter

This is my circuit published in Electronics for You magazine September 2005 issue. This Stress meter lets you assess your emotional pain.It gives audio visual indication when the stress level is too high. It is too small and can be wear on the wrist to monitor the Stress level
Circuit in PDF
stress meter

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Electro Magnetic Compatibility – EMC

EMC is the ability of Electronic or Electrical equipment to operate in their intended electromagnetic environment. Most of the electronic equipments are designed to operate within a defined margin of safety and performance without causing breakdown due to the interference of electromagnetic field.

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