Electro Magnetic Compatibility – EMC

EMC is the ability of Electronic or Electrical equipment to operate in their intended electromagnetic environment. Most of the electronic equipments are designed to operate within a defined margin of safety and performance without causing breakdown due to the interference of electromagnetic field.

As a result of technology boom, millions of electronic equipments such as Mobile phones, Radio transmitters, Wireless devices are now in use. The radiation from these devices creates the Electromagnetic pollution the commonly called “Electronic Smog”. As a result of these emissions, they will affect other electronic equipment which is susceptible to these emissions. As more Microprocessors are used to replace analog or mechanical means of a product, it becomes apparent that the issue of EMC cannot be ignored. Ignoring the presence of this electromagnetic pollution may cause sudden malfunctioning of the delicate microprocessor based equipments.

One of the typical cases of EMC of the electronic device that interferes with the electronic system is, that of Aircraft. That is why you are requested to switch off the Mobile phone or other devices when you are taking a flight.

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