Standby Power loss Preventer

This is my circuit published in Electronics for You Magazine May 2010 issue. The circuit prevents the loss of energy when the devices like TV is kept in standby mode. Normally a CRT based TV consumes around 100 watts power during its operation. When it is switched off through the remote, it consumes around 10 watts current. This is known as “Standby power loss”. This circuit, switch off the TV if it kept in standby mode.Circuit as images

5 thoughts on “Standby Power loss Preventer

  1. I’m interesting to take your standby power loss for mini project,so can u give information about the project as follows
    1. Block diagram
    2.Description of each block
    3.Description of each components
    5.advantages and disadvantages
    7.cost of it

  2. i want to take the power loss preventer as my seminar topic.
    can plz send the relavant details

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