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Top circuits needed

Since most of my visitors are  browsing  for  the Stress Meter and Skin Response Meter circuits published in Electronics for You Magazine, both the circuits are posted here for quick access


stress meter

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Electro analgesia

Electro analgesia is the method of electrical nerve stimulation using low pulsed currents to relieve various forms of pains such as low back pain, myofacial pain, arthritic pain, visceral pain, post surgical pain etc.

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Standby Power loss Preventer

This is my circuit published in Electronics for You Magazine May 2010 issue. The circuit prevents the loss of energy when the devices like TV is kept in standby mode. Normally a CRT based TV consumes around 100 watts power during its operation. When it is switched off through the remote, it consumes around 10 watts current. This is known as “Standby power loss”. This circuit, switch off the TV if it kept in standby mode.Circuit as images

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More About Lead Acid Battery

A lead acid battery is composed of series of plates immersed in a solution of Sulphuric acid. Each plate has a Grid on which the active material is attached. In the negative plate, lead oxide is attached as the active material while on the positive plate, pure lead is attached. All the negative plates are connected together. Similarly all the positive plates are also connected together.

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Tricky Charger

Here is a crude but efficient charger for Lead Acid Battery. It uses a 12 volt car bulb as current regulator and charge status indicator. The brightness of the bulb indicates how much charge is flowing into the battery. When the battery becomes fully charged, lamp turns off. If the lamp is staying on with full brightness for more than 30 minutes, it indicates that the battery is dead and is not accepting charge.

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