Phonotaxis in Insects

Phonotaxis is the movement of animals in response to sound vibrations especially the sound vibrations in the ultrasound range. Even though human ear cannot sense ultrasound, many animal species can produce and hear ultrasound. They respond to certain frequencies of sound and show movements which may be Positive Phonotaxis or Negative Phonotaxis. Positive Phonotaxis refers to the movement of animals towards the source of sound waves of particular frequencies and Negative Phonotaxis away from the sound.

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Digital Microscope

Digital Microscopy is the advanced technology that uses a CCD camera to output the image into a computer monitor. The major difference between the digital microscope and the conventional optical microscope is that, the image cannot be viewed directly through the eye piece lens.Image is output to a computer to view it on the screen . Low priced digital microscope and costly one are available to use in conjunction with a computer.

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