Mobile Phone Tracer

This is my latest circuit published in Electronics For You Magazine 2010 December issue. This Mobile locator can detect the activation of a Mobile phone from a distance of 8 meters  radius.Even in the silent mode it can detect  incoming and outgoing calls ,  audio and video recordings, SMS and MMS. It is an ideal device to detect unauthorized use of mobile phones in mobile phone restricted areas, confidential rooms, examination halls etc.

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Author : D.Mohankumar
Copy right :Electronics For You, New Delhi
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2 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Tracer

  1. sir this concept is good i need 2 know if it detects the mobile without the battery or not and i want the advantages and disadvantages ,applications of mobile sniffer pls clarify my doubt pls……….

  2. We tried your circuit and we have some questions
    what is the battery rating we are suppose to use.? can we use 12V , 1.3A Hr ??
    you have left out the rating for a capacitor . .what is the rating?
    when we tried it we keep on getting the diminished buzzer noise , even though there were no mobile phones near by….
    Please help us…

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