Being original – staying clear of trends.

Whenever someone asks me to critique their work the first and most important thing I look for is originality. Sadly it is a trait that can be seen very rarely in todays designer portfolios. Over the years, many trends have come and gone. Just like in every other walk of life only a fraction of these stay on and rightly so.

Good design transcends trends. Anyone who has spent some time designing and critiquing design knows that you can rarely please everyone with your work. There will always be those few people who are not fascinated by your work and these few people hurt your ego.
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A creator is always protective of his creation. He ties his ego to his creation. Rejection of ones work is considered as rejection of oneself.  Sadly, most designers in an effort to please everyone and avoid rejection, fall prey to trends. Staying clear of trends is not easy in the world of online design galleries and crowdsourcing sites. Clients rarely have time to wait for your masterpiece. The number of clients asking for clones of existing websites are higher than ever. For the untrained eyes of the client (atleast 90% of them) trends are standards. They dont care about originality – why should they? Its the designers’ responsibility to stay original and believe me it takes a lot of courage.