IC 555 Design Note

IC 555 is the popular timer Integrated circuit inevitable for many timer applications. It is widely used in both analogue and digital circuits to generate short duration pulses. It can be designed as Monostable and Astable multivibrator and also as Bistable, Schmitt trigger etc. It is important to know the internal details of the IC 555 as well as its working to design a circuit error proof.

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Super Moon- The Visual delight

The full moon that appears in the sky on 19th March 2011 will be really bigger than the normal moon that appears every month. Since the Moon is bigger in appearance, it is called as Super Moon. The Moon is around 2, 35,000 to 2,48,000 miles away from the earth and on 19th March 2011 it is around 2,21,567 miles away from earth, around. This makes the Moon, a Super Moon .The Moon comes to the closest point to the earth every 18 years and when it happens in the full moon day, it appears around 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter.
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Tsunami Hits

On 11th Friday, a powerful devastating Tsunami slammed the eastern coast of Japan sweeped away homes, vehicles, industrial areas and caused widespread fire and explosion in nuclear plants. Tsunami warnings blanketed the entire Pacific areas, South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire U.S. West Coast. An earth quake with a magnitude of 8.9 caused the tsunami wave which was the fifth largest earth quake in the last hundred years.Reports from various sources show that there occured a slight  tilting in the earth’s axis followed by the massive Tsunami hit on 11th Friday.

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DNA Code Construction

DNA Code construction is the method by which the coding theory is applied to design nucleic acids in DNA computation. DNA computing is the method by which the synthetic oligonucleotide strands are allowed to hybridize in such way as to perform computation. The most important thing required for DNA code construction is that the DNA strands should be hybridized in a manner so as to achieve the computation. The method of DNA computing was introduced by Leonard.M.Adelman.

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