Tsunami Hits

On 11th Friday, a powerful devastating Tsunami slammed the eastern coast of Japan sweeped away homes, vehicles, industrial areas and caused widespread fire and explosion in nuclear plants. Tsunami warnings blanketed the entire Pacific areas, South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire U.S. West Coast. An earth quake with a magnitude of 8.9 caused the tsunami wave which was the fifth largest earth quake in the last hundred years.Reports from various sources show that there occured a slight  tilting in the earth’s axis followed by the massive Tsunami hit on 11th Friday.

Earth quakes and Tsunami
Earth quakes occur on the boundaries of large tectonic plates in the crest of earth. These tectonic plates shift around each other moving rapidly in many places and push against each other. The force creating during the collision of the tectonic plates cause earth quakes and tremors. Earth quakes under the sea causes tsunami waves which can travel over the surface of ocean to many hundred miles and causes extensive damages in the sea shore and adjacent areas.

The word Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning “Harbor wave” since high tides are frequent in the shores of Japan. The lifting of crest beneath the ocean transfers very high energy into water which causes lifting of water from the bottom to the surface. This huge mass of water then becomes a high tide overflowing to the shore at great speed, height and force. Tsunami is also caused by volcanic eruptions, land slides etc. Not all sea floor earth quakes cause tsunami. If the movement of the crest plates is with minimum paddle effect, it will not cause tsunami waves.

Impact of Tsunami on Earth’s axis

Reports Say…. Shifting in Earth’s axis……..

Reports from various sources show that a slight tilting occured in the earth’s axis followed by the massive Tsunami hit on 11th Friday. According to experts, the quake moved part of Japan’s land mass around 2.5 meters. The huge shake created by the massive shifting of under sea tectonic plates shifted the axis point of the earth by at least 8 centimeters. According to reports, the earth’s rotation was accelerated by 1.6 microseconds slightly reducing the length of the 12:12 cycle of the 24 hour day. The largest earth quake in Sumatra in 2004 caused a 6.8 microseconds shortening of the day.





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