8 comments on “Single Transistor FM Transmitter Design

  1. Dear Sir,
    I understood the explanation of the Tank, for which I am grateful. Thank You.
    But I ask you permission for use this circuit for remote control at 27Mhz ?
    Only yeat, i ask if you have any suitable receiver circuit to your transmitter ?

    • Hello Andre Dias
      You can use the circuit as you like with modifications. The circuit has low range only since it is posted to study the design.Any FM radio circuit can receive the transmitted voice

  2. Thanks
    Educaated Teacher good teacher
    Meanings Work Of crystal details hide

    FM Radio Vigyan Prasaran,
    Programme Head Kolhapur

  3. You Not Send & Type Your blog Details Of Crystal working stablizing factor why
    This is not true circuit because
    i thought you made only advertisement your education
    Your is good teacher who not help Education main point

  4. thank u
    it helped a lot to us for understanding basic signal transmission

  5. Sir,
    You posted BF 494 Fm Transmitter
    please add Information of crystal Work Stabilizing Factor

    I made 5 watt fm rf amplifier i Insert Modulator signal In amplifier i made modulator Bc 548 & BF 494 What is better
    Please guidance me
    Shivgauri Electronics ,
    Mobile : 9011092897

    • please add Information of crystal Work Stabilizing Factor
      Why use Crystal In FM Transmitter
      Then You Ar good Teacher

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