Siren Generator

UM 3561 is an excellent Siren generator IC widely used in Toy applications and Surveillance systems to generate different tones. It a ROM (Read Only Memory) IC which can be operated in 2 pen cells and it functions normally down to 2.4 volts. Using only a few components, it is very easy to construct a siren generator. The IC is designed to generate sirens like Police siren, Ambulance siren, Fire brigade siren and Machine gun sound.

The IC has an inbuilt oscillator and tone selection pins. Only one external resistor and a speaker driver transistor are sufficient to make a simple siren generator. Its absolute maximum ratings are :

Absolute Maximum ratings

Supply voltage Min. 2.4V Typ 3V Max 3.5V
Operating current Min – – 180 uA

Internal circuits of UM3561

Inside the IC, there is an oscillator circuit and the frequency of oscillations is controlled by the external resistor connected to OSC 1(Pin 7) and OSC2 (Pin 8). A 220 K resistor will give satisfactory results. The oscillations thus generated will be then transferred to a control circuit which function based on the tone selection through the connections of SEL 1 (Pin 6) and SEL2 (Pin 1) . The control circuit passes the signal to an address counter and then to the ROM. The tone pulses thus generated will be available from the output pin 3. Since the sound is weak, an amplifier is necessary to get loud sound. A single NPN transistor will amplify the sound.

Pin Assignment of UM 3561

Pin 1 Tone Sel.2

Pin 2 Gnd

Pin 3 Output

Pin 4 NC- Used for testing purpose only

Pin 5 +3V

Pin 6 Tone Sel .1

Pin 7 Osc 1

Pin 8 Osc 2

Tone Selection

By changing the pin connections of Sel.1 (Pin6) and Sel. 2(Pin 1) it is easy to change the siren tones.


Simple Siren Circuit


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  1. what is the frequency of oscillation for um3561 and what is being amplified by an npn transistor and to what level?

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