Sinuscopy is the method of Endoscopic sinus observation or surgery using Nose telescope. It involves the evaluation of nasal and sinus passages using the endoscope called Sinuscope.The Sinuscope has a narrow tube with a built in camera, so that the physician can see the internal details of the sinuses. By observing the sinus, it is possible to diagnose the problems and treat properly. Sinuscopy can be performed using local or regional anesthesia and the procedure is usually out patient category. Sinuses are the air cavities of the cranial bones especially near the nose region and fore head. The term Sinus is Latin which means “pocket” or “curve”. Sinuscopy plays an important role in pre operative and post operative management in sinusitis. It is also used in Rhinoplasty or Nasal plastic surgery.

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Music Doll

My Blog crossed 100000 hits. In this happy moment, I am posting   a funny circuit  for the kids. This Music Doll gives melody when the hand of the kid approaches the doll. It is a simple Do it yourself (DIY) Project for the beginners who wish to start project building.

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The term Blog is familiar to most of the internet users and it is the part of Social networking. Blog is actually a kind of Online journal providing lot of informations to the world. It is a kind of Website owned by individuals to promote ideas, share knowledge and to inform the people about the changes in the world. Blog maintenance is usually done with regular entries of comments, description of events, and other materials like images and videos. The word Blog is actually the mixing of two terms “Web” and” Log”. The two terms were mixed together dropping the letters ‘w’ and ‘e’. The term Blog can be used as a verb which means “to maintain” or “to edit”. The term Weblog was coined by John Barger in 1997 and the short form of it, the Blog was coined by Peter Merholz. The person writing texts in the Blog is the “Blogger”. Most of the Blogs are highly interactive and dynamic allowing the readers to make comments, suggestions etc about the postings. These interactions are not seen in static Websites.

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IT related Threats

Due to the fast growth of Information technology, the computer and internet usage is also increasing simultaneously. Along with the popularity of Internet usage, threats are also increasing. IT related Risk is a relatively new term introduced to increase the awareness about information security. IT Risk or IT Related risk can be a product of threat and vulnerability induced by spammers and is one of the multitude threats related to the usage of computer and internet. Due to the increased use of computer and internet, there is chance of stealing personal informations; confidential matters etc that are placed in the web by the users. The hackers crack these informations for manipulations, fraudulent activities etc which may affect the users as well as the society. Hackers use multiple methods to invade the web to steal these informations. These include Phishing, Pharming, Typosqatting, DNS cache poisoning, Mouse trapping, Page hijacking, Introduction of malicious codes, Email Spoofing, Domain hijacking, Domain name Spoofing, Spamdexing etc.

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Internet banking is a safe method for easy money transactions. But there are Internet Fraudsters in the web to steal your personal informations and bank details through fraudulent emails (Email Spoofing). By clicking the link provided in the email, you may be in trouble and you will be Phished by these Fraudsters. The Phishers usually prompt you to reveal the online bank transaction details. Phishing is the high-tech form of Internet piracy in which the phisher steals the personal and confidential informations like bank account, passwords, credit card number, personal details etc related to bank transactions. This is an advanced form of high tech Phishing known as Social Engineering which is the method of manipulating the people into performing action by taking them into confidence.

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Internet Slang

Internet Slang is the popular shorthand language used for easy communication through internet based emails and SMS. Internet Slang is also known as Net speak or Chat speak. The internet slag was originated to save time and key stroke. Most people use the internet slang abbreviations in texting, messaging and writing in social networks. The word Slang means the use of informal words and expressions which are not considered standard in the dialect or standard. The origin of the word slang is uncertain but it has some connection with the word Thieves’ cant which is a secret language used by thieves. Some popular internet slangs are LOL meaning “laughing out loud” and ROFL meaning “rolling on the floor laughing”. The SMS language called Textese is the most common internet slang used in text messaging.Experts say that heavy use of Codes and Slangs in internet and mobile phone may create problems in children to grasp the basic grammatical concepts and reduce their thinking and speaking ability.

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