Internet Slang

Internet Slang is the popular shorthand language used for easy communication through internet based emails and SMS. Internet Slang is also known as Net speak or Chat speak. The internet slag was originated to save time and key stroke. Most people use the internet slang abbreviations in texting, messaging and writing in social networks. The word Slang means the use of informal words and expressions which are not considered standard in the dialect or standard. The origin of the word slang is uncertain but it has some connection with the word Thieves’ cant which is a secret language used by thieves. Some popular internet slangs are LOL meaning “laughing out loud” and ROFL meaning “rolling on the floor laughing”. The SMS language called Textese is the most common internet slang used in text messaging.Experts say that heavy use of Codes and Slangs in internet and mobile phone may create problems in children to grasp the basic grammatical concepts and reduce their thinking and speaking ability.

Advantages of Internet slang

Internet slang became popular due to its heavy use by internet and mobile phone users. It has the advantages like

1. It lowers the task of formal speech or writing.
2. The users are familiar with such code words so that it reduces the key strokes.
3. It replaces the conventional synonym.
4. It is a tattoo term used by people of higher status and responsibility.
5. Slangs create novel meanings for the existing words.
6. It uses least number of characters needed to convey a message.
7. Punctuations, grammar and capitalizations etc can be avoided.

Confusion in Internet slang

 Usually the users of Internet slang avoid using the vowels so the reader is forced to read the message by adding these letters. For example the slang word “kybrd” represents key board and the reader must interpret the meaning of the slang by matching with the situation. Another confusion is the word” LOL” which has two meanings like “Laugh Out Loud” and “Lots Of Love”. So the reader must interpret the meaning of the slang by comparing with the remaining slang words to know the meaning. Other confusing slang word include

  1. cryn – Crying , Cryon
  2. ttyl lol – talk you later , lots of love not talk to you later
  3. omg lol – oh my god, laugh out loud not oh my god lots of love

Use of Pictograms

 Pictograms are also used in SMS messaging. For example I <3u‘<3’ means love, ‘u’ means you. That is the Pictogram represents I Love You.

SMS texting

Short forms, codes and symbols are very convenient in SMS text messaging. This reduces the time, key stroke and space but the recipient can know the matter in simple language. SMS language is known in different forms like Textese, Textese, txt, txto, texting, txt lingo, SMSish, txt talk etc. The SMS language is mainly used in Mobile phone communication (Short Message Service) but also popular in internet messaging like emails, instant messaging, chats etc.

  Internet Slang creates problems in thinking and speaking?

 Internet slang is the pervasive unstoppable part of moderm life.Experts say that heavy use of Codes and Slangs in messaging may create problems in children to grasp basic grammatical concepts. Children using the short forms of words such as UR (actually means Your)  reduces the meaning of English and drops their ability to speak more phonetic. If a child frequently uses the slang “UR” he may learn to speak ” Uooor ” instead of “Your”. He may also unknowingly use these slang words in exams . Another problem is the gap in understanding the slang words between the parents and children. When the child uses a slang word in internet chatting or texting, the parent may not understand whether the word is innocent or malicious. This is an advantage for the online predators who wait for catching  the children to their sites.The parents  can do anything because they do not know the meaning of such slang words. This “language gap”, between the child and parent creates problems and many children may be influenced  by twisted people worming the websites .The best way to prevent such problems is to isolate the slang from children, schools etc and watch what they are doing.

Some popular Internet Slangs

  1. IEDC – I don’t even care
  2. TBMS – to be more specific
  3. DWMT – don’t waste my time
  4. GUTI – get used to it
  5. JFY – just for you
  6. IDLT – I don’t like that
  7. AFK – away from key board
  8. B4 – Before
  9. BAK – Back at key board
  10. BBL – Be back later
  11. BCNU – Be seeing you
  12. BRB – Be right back
  13. BTW – By the way
  14. L8R – Later
  15. MOF – Male Or Female
  16. NM – Never mind / Not much
  17. NP – No problem
  18. TTFN – Tata for now
  19. UR– Your
  20. CUL – See you Later
  21. F2F – Face to face
  22. GA – Go ahead
  23. IRL – In real life
  24. OIC – Oh I see
  25. RUOK – Are you OK
  26. TIA – Thanks in advance
  27. TNX – Thanks
  28. TVM – Thanks very much
  29. YHM – You have mail
  30. WRT – With regard to

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