The term Blog is familiar to most of the internet users and it is the part of Social networking. Blog is actually a kind of Online journal providing lot of informations to the world. It is a kind of Website owned by individuals to promote ideas, share knowledge and to inform the people about the changes in the world. Blog maintenance is usually done with regular entries of comments, description of events, and other materials like images and videos. The word Blog is actually the mixing of two terms “Web” and” Log”. The two terms were mixed together dropping the letters ‘w’ and ‘e’. The term Blog can be used as a verb which means “to maintain” or “to edit”. The term Weblog was coined by John Barger in 1997 and the short form of it, the Blog was coined by Peter Merholz. The person writing texts in the Blog is the “Blogger”. Most of the Blogs are highly interactive and dynamic allowing the readers to make comments, suggestions etc about the postings. These interactions are not seen in static Websites.

Blogs usually carry out description of a particular subject. The owner of the Blog presents commentaries, events, posting personal diaries etc. A typical Blog contains a combination of text, images and links to other similar or dissimilar blogs. Majority of blogs concentrate in posting texts while some are exclusively for uploading photos, graphics, videos etc. Based on this, the blogs are classified into:

  1. Art Blog– Posting materials related to Art and Culture.
  2. Photo Blog – Contains, Photos, Images, Graphics etc.
  3. Video Blog – Containing Video files, Video clips etc.
  4. MP3 Blog – Exclusively for Music typically in MP3 format.
  5. Pod casting – Blogs used for sharing Audio files.
  6. Micro Blog – Very small Blog usually contains one or two pages to post short descriptions.

How it differs from a Website?

Blogs and Website works in different ways and serves different purposes. Both Blogs and Websites are necessary for the Online exposure and to gather knowledge. A Blog is actually a Webpage meant for interaction between people and to share ideas and knowledge. Basically a Blog talks to people and a Website talk to its customers.

The basic difference between a Website and Blog are:

  1. Website page is Static and updating will not be on a regular manner while a Blog is dynamic and updating, on a hourly or daily basis.
  2. Website is owned by Governmental and Non governmental agencies providing official and formal / professional informations while Blog is not formal and giving personal informations, ideas etc.
  3. Website is meant for one way communication and lacks interactivity while Blog coveys ideas mutually and highly interactive.
  4.  Website is transactional while Blog is educational.

What are the characters of a Blog?

Blogs have a number of useful features like provisions for commenting, forum discussions etc for increasing the interactivity. Blogs enable the visitors to subscribe the contents via email subscription. To make a Blog attractive, it should be updated at least once in a week with new additions. Purpose of the Blog is not business oriented but to promote interactivity between people and to create a social network so as to make the world one. The important characters of Blog are:

  1. Blog is organized as a series of entries called Posts
  2. Each post in the Blog contains a title and a text with or without figures and images.
  3. The Top of the Blog contains recently added posts.
  4. It contains different Widgets to make the Blog use easy.
  5. There will be an RSS (Really Simple SyndicationA web feed used to publish updated texts) or similar feeder in the Blog.
  6. There is Tag cloud and Archive to search the posts of different categories  easily
  7. There is provision to see the posts uploaded in each month.
  8. There is statistics about the Visitors, used Search words etc.
  9. There are links to other social networks like Twitter, Face book etc so that people can utilize all the social networks.

How to create a Blog?

Creation of Blog is easy but should have some knowledge about Online activities and Online writing. If images and drawings are required, little knowledge in Coral draw and Photoshop is necessary. The creation of the Blog is as follows:

  1. Before starting the Blog, it is necessary to find out a Blog hosting package. Many platforms like Word press, etc are available for this purpose. Word press platform is most ideal to create the Blog. Word press provides 3GB free space for creating the Blog.
  2. Open the Blog host’s front page and locate the sign in tab. You have to give details about the Blog like login name, password, email ID etc in the sign in page.
  3. You will be prompted to check the email for the confirmation of registration.
  4. Once your confirmation is obtained, you will get a login page.
  5. Login in the site with the user name and password already created and see the administrator’s page.
  6. Here you can add profile details, image, etc and also you can activate the Widgets.
  7. You can use the dash board page to add postings. Here there is space for writing the matter, uploading the image etc.
  8. After writing the matter, add tags and select category and then publish the post. If you add proper words as tags, the search engine will easily locate your Blog during browsing.
  9. This post will appear on the front page of your Blog. You can edit or modify the post using the Edit provision in the dash board and update the edited page.

Types of Blogs

There are different types of Blogs based on the content, purpose etc.

  1. Personal Blog – This is the most common type of Blog used for sharing informations.
  2. Corporate Blog – Used for Private or Business purpose. It is used for marketing, advertising, introducing products, ordering products etc.
  3. Political Blog – Used by Political parties or Organizations to propagate their views.
  4. Travel Blog – For travel and Tourism.
  5. Media Blog – Used by Media. It may be Vblog (Video), Photoblog (Images), moblog (Mobile phone based) etc.

Be Positive and understanding

For running a Blog, you have to consider the following:

  1. Try to update the Blog with fresh contents attractive to all sections of people.
  2. Take the responsibility of the words and matters used in the post and also the comments of the visitors.
  3. Try to avoid accepting the abused comments. There is provision in the Blog for the disapproval or spamming the comments.
  4. Eliminate all forms of comments annoying to others.
  5. Always answer the comments positively.
  6. Always adhere to the Policy of Blog Hosting agency
  7. Always follow the Copy right rules and IT acts

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