PWM Inverter

PWM or Pulse Width Modulation is the technology to generate a steady output voltage from inverters. When compared to the conventional Semi Sine wave and Pure sine wave inverters, PWM Inverter offers superior quality. PWM Inverters use MOSFET technology at the output stage, so that any type of loads can be connected to the inverter. These inverters also have voltage control and load protection circuits.

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LM 34/35 Temperature Sensors

LM 34 and LM 35 Integrated Circuits are precision temperature sensors widely used in temperature sensing applications. LM 34 senses temperature in Fahrenheit range while LM 35 senses temperature in Celsius (Centigrade) range. The output voltage of these sensors is linearly proportional to the temperature. Here explains the important features of LM 34 and LM35 sensors.

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