Web Feeds

Web feed is the data format providing frequently updated contents to the users. The content distributors syndicate a web feed to allow the users to subscribe the contents. Web feed is also known as the Syndicate feed or News feed. To access a collection of web feeds, Aggregation is used so that the user can collect all the informations in one spot. Web feeds uses Pull technology to support the user to receive updated contents. Two major Web feed formats are RSS and Atom. Expansion of RSS is Really Simple Syndication and is sometimes expanded as Rich Site Summery.

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Create Animations Easily

Animated GIF images are very attractive for placing in blogs and websites and for sending emails. If you have little knowledge in Coral draw and Photoshop (or even without it), it is easy to create an animated image using the Picasion website. The only job is to upload the required images to the Picasion site and they will create the image which can be saved in the PC. Here explains the method of creating the animated title to place in blogs.

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Cell phone Spying

Mobile phone Spywares were introduced as a measure of Parental control and for tracking purpose to locate the mobile phone in emergency situations. These are mainly used for child safety to watch the online activities of children and to prevent Sexting (Sending or receiving sexually explicit messages).But now the Cell phone spywares are becoming the product of choice for many people who like to eavesdrop other’s private speech. Now in this wireless world, our voice is in the air so that one can tap it easily. Using the Cell phone spyware, one can access to all text messages, call history, email and even to listen the live calls. The spywares work well in Smart phones, Blackberry, iPhone etc. Don’t worry, we can catch such eavesdroppers. There are tricks to find out the spy and destroy it.

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Spy Devices

Spy Devices are not for Spying! These devices are introduced for surveillance purpose and for personal use and not for intruding into the privacy of other persons. Spying one’s speech or recording the image of a person without permission is treated as illegal since these can be used for illegal activities. Various kinds of spy devices are now available and the manufacturers strictly warn that the device should be used only for personal purpose which should not harm others. The spy devices are mainly meant for monitoring commercial establishments, banks etc to see the movement and activities of visitors.

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RFID Technology

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is the technology used to transfer data from an Electronic Tag using radio frequency waves. The Tag called RFID Tag or RFID label is attached to an object and the data is collected in a RFID Reader to track the object. The signals from the Tag can be collected by the reader even if the Tag is located far away from the line-o-sight of the tag. The RFID tracking is a form of automatic identification technology using a unique serial number in the tag. RFID is widely used in biometric identification systems, domestic utilities, commercial items, security services etc for easy identification. Unlike Bar coding system, RFID does not require direct contact with the object and even it can identify the tagged objects placed in the body.

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SMD Capacitors

The SMD Capacitor is a rectangular block made up of dielectric in which a number of interleaved metal electrodes are present. This structure gives high capacitance per unit volume. The inner electrodes are connected to two terminals made of either Silver Palladium(AgPd) alloy in the ratio 65:35 or silver dipped with a barrier layer plated nickel and covered with plated tin (NiSn).

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