Create Animations Easily

Animated GIF images are very attractive for placing in blogs and websites and for sending emails. If you have little knowledge in Coral draw and Photoshop (or even without it), it is easy to create an animated image using the Picasion website. The only job is to upload the required images to the Picasion site and they will create the image which can be saved in the PC. Here explains the method of creating the animated title to place in blogs.

All you need is the minimum knowledge in Coral draw and Photoshop. The Animations can also be created if you have images in your PC. The stepwise procedure for creating title widgets is as follows:

  1. Open coral draw and select the work space. Type the title words and select fonts and font size. You can choose the colour of letters and the background colour as you like. If you want to include an image, import the same to the space and place it in the appropriate position. Adjust the size of image by dragging the corners of the image.
  2. Click the file menu and click Export for office and save the file in the desktop.
  3. Open Photoshop and click file to get the image.
  4. Open the file saved and Crop for the required size and save the file in JPEG or PNG format through Save for Web.
  5. Again open the file in Photoshop and edit as per requirements. You can edit using the provision in the Edit-Adjustments. You can adjust the brightness/contrast, Hue, saturation etc.
  6. After editing, resize the image by selecting the Edit-Image size tool to around 100-200 pixels wide. Height will be adjusted automatically. Save it in a folder in the desktop.
  7. You can create a number of title images like this and save them in the same folder.
  8. If you require only images to be animated, use only Photoshop and Edit the images in Photoshop as already mentioned and save all in one folder in the desktop giving image names. For creating animated images of Pictures stored in the PC, Coral draw or Photo shop is not necessary, if the images are fine.
  9. Next step is creation of Animation in Picasion.
  10. Open the browser and type the URL   www.
  11.   Picasion web page will appear. In the front page, there is animation creation space showing Create an Animated GIF.

12. Choose the image already saved in the folder and click upload. Choose the second image and upload. In this manner you can upload three images. If you want to upload more images, click add one more picture and upload the required number of images by clicking add one more image.
13.Next step is size selection and speed selection. There are two drop down buttons in the page.
14.The default sizes are 100,120,300 and 400 px wide. If you want a particular size, click the dropdown menu and click advanced. In the space you can type the required size like 150, 200 etc.
15.Next step is speed selection. Again there is a dropdown button. Default is Normal speed. You can select Fast, Slow, Slower etc. Also you can type the speed by clicking the advanced button in the same dropdown menu.
16.Your images are now uploaded with the selected pixel size and speed.
17. Next step is creation of animation. If everything is OK, Click Create Animation button, just below the size and speed dropdown buttons. Your Animated GIF will be created in 1 minute which will appear above the Choose File buttons.
18.You can see the GIF animating with all the images uploaded.

19. Next step is saving the animated GIF. For this, two methods can be used. After the GIF creation, a button will appear at the bottom showing Save this Animation. Click this button to save the file. But the file will be saved in the download folder. Alternately the file can be saved in a folder or desktop by Right clicking on the Animated image and Save as in the folder or desktop.

Animated GIF created in Picasion to use in my blog

How to include the Image in the Blog?

Blogs usually have a Dashboard to place the Widgets on the Front page. In WordPress, there are many widgets to place on the front page. The following are the steps to place the Widget with Animated GIF in WordPress blog.

  1. If you have a WordPress blog, log on to the Dash board and click all pages. The pages you already created with contents will appear. Open the page you want to add the image. Select Edit and upload the Animated image as you are uploading the images in blog. Save the page.
Animated Image in the Page
2. Then click the Appearance and Themes and select widgets. Widgets page will appear.
3. Click on the IMAGE widget. It will open to add the details. Remaining steps are important.
4. First open the page in which the Animated image is included. Select and copy the URL of the page from the address bar of the browser. Paste this URL to the Link URL (when image is clicked) space in the Image Widget.
5. Then click on the Animating image on the page. Image only will appear. Copy the URL from the address bar and paste it in the Image URL space of the image widget.
6. You can give alternate text, Image title etc. You can also include the caption; which will appear below the animated image.
7. Give the Widget Title showing the purpose of the image.
 8.Select the image alignment position like Left, Centre etc.
9. Then type the size required, It is better to give 200 wide and 100 height. If you are not giving the size, it will select the size as per the size of the image.
10. Then select the position and location of the image widget like primary side bar, Footer etc.
11. The process is completed. Now save the widget. When you open your blog again, the Animated image will be on the front page.
12. If the image is clicked, the page in which the image is placed will open to show the contents.
13.You can also place the Animated image along with the postings like the uploading of images in the posts.