NaS Battery

NaS or Sodium-Sulphur battery is a kind of molten metal battery used in non mobile applications like grid energy storage. Sodium-Sulphur battery is made up of Sodium and Sulphur and has very high energy density and very high charge/ discharge efficiency compared to other batteries. The Sodium-Sulphur battery is composed of a solid electrolyte membrane between its anode and cathode. Due to very high energy efficiency, Sodium-Sulphur battery finds applications in grid energy storage and space explorations.

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Optimize your Laptop

LCD monitors of PC and Laptop gives best performance and visual attraction when the monitor is set correctly. The OS of the PC or Laptop chooses the best display settings like resolution, colour, refresh rate etc based on the type of LCD screen. The LCD monitor has flat panel display which is thinner and lighter compared to the CRT monitor of PC. LCD monitors come in different screen sizes having a wide screen width-height ratio of 16:9 or 16:10. The standard width model usually has a 4:3 screen ratio. If the settings of the monitor are changed, you can set the various aspects of the LCD monitor get best performance or you can choose the default settings.

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Electronic Energy Meter

An Electronic Energy Meter (EEM) functionally outperforms the traditional Ferrari’s wheel meter. One important advantage of EEM is that in non linear loads, its metering is highly accurate and electronic measurement is more robust than that of the conventional mechanical meters. The Power companies benefits from EEM in three significant ways.

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12 Volt Capacitor Power Supply

About 8566 readers of this Blog visited the transformer less power supply article posted and there are queries regarding the design of the circuit to power different types of gadgets. So one more circuit is posted here that can give 12 volt DC at 300 milli amperes current. This circuit uses AC capacitor to drop the AC power to generate 12 volt DC.

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Transformerless Power Supply

One of the major problems that is to be solved in an electronic circuit design is the production of low voltage DC power supply from AC to power the circuit. The conventional method is the use of a step-down transformer to reduce the 230 V AC to a desired level of low voltage AC. The most suitable and low cost method is the use of a Voltage Dropping Capacitor in series with the phase line.

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10 Disadvantages to Allowing Kids to Have Cell Phones in Schools

This is a sharing article from Wireless Internet Reviews to control Mobile phone use among children. Full text of the Article is posted here without any modification or editing.

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Digital Panel Meter

With a single IC L 7107, you can make a 4 digit voltmeter that can show 0-2000 volts through seven segment display. The circuit is low component one and the reading is reliable and accurate. This circuit is used in digital panel meters to give alpha numerical display.

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