BSI Pin in Mobile Phone

Mobile phone battery requires only two pins for charging, then why there is a third pin? The question is definitely a curiosity generating one. The third pin called BSI pin performs very important functions and act as an interface between the Mobile phone and the Battery. When the battery is removed, without switching off the Mobile phone, the BSI circuit is first interrupted which convey the information to the processor to shut down all communications to prevent damage. To communicate with the BSI, the battery pack also has a BSI pin. BSI stands for Battery Status Indicator or Battery System Indicator.

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Voice Recorder and Playback Circuit

With this circuit, you can record your voice and play back the same for 20 seconds. The circuit is ideal for door phones, automatic answering devices etc.APR 9301 is used in the circuit which is a data storage and retrieval IC without any micro controller programming.

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Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries are common in consumer electronics. It belongs to a family of rechargeable battery and uses lithium as the active material. During discharge, the lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode. The flow of lithium ions reverse during charging. Lithium ion batteries are extensively used in portable devices due its features like best energy to weight ratio, absence of memory effect, high efficiency, slow self discharge etc.

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White LED Lamp using Mobile Battery

Here is a cute White LED Lamp that automatically switches on when the ambient light in the room decreases. It is too small and powered by the Mobile phone battery. The circuit uses only a few components and can be assembled in 10 minutes.

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Electroporation is the artificial means of DNA transfer into the cells using an electrical field. It is defined as the use of electrical field to reversibly form micropores in the cell membrane. It is relatively new, simple and rapid technique to introduce DNA in a wide variety of cells. This technique is based on the original observation of Zimmermann in 1983 that high current pulses can induce cell membranes to fuse.

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Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery

NiMH battery outperforms other rechargeable batteries and has higher capacity and less voltage depression. These properties make them ideal for use in high drain devices like digital camera.The toxic Cadmium is absent in NiMH battery so it is the most Eco friendly one.

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Ethernet Cable

It is the type of Cable used to connect network devices like Modem, Hub or Router to the PC. If you want to purchase a new cable, it is necessary to make sure that you are going to purchase the right cable. There are Straight and Cross over Ethernet cables used in Modems. This note will help you to identify the types of Ethernet cables.

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