How to Manage Blog Comments?

Blog is a kind of Website owned by individuals to promote ideas, and share knowledge. Blog also helps to inform the people about the changes in the world. It forms a part of the Social networking and is interactive in nature. A typical blog contains a combination of text, images and links to similar blogs. The postings in the blog are interactive and the reader can make comments on the postings. This facility is not available in websites which is static for one way communication only. Blogs are educational rather than transactional. Comment is an important part of the blog because it gives an immediate feedback about the quality of the post. The blogger is not stressed in normal comments and can very well answer to the comments due to the friendly approach of the reader. But if a person makes abusive comments, you may be stressed and his words can kill your whole day.

Blog postings are meant for conveying ideas among the people of similar interest. It is educational and the blogger writes his ideas, informations, commentaries etc related to a particular subject. It is purely informal and open to all so that any reader can make a comment on the content. The blogger is responsible for all the words in the posts and comments and strictly adhere to the policy of the blog hosting agency.


The content placed in the blog is called as posting which contains a text with or without images. The posting is placed for the people who want to share ideas and knowledge. The reader can make his suggestions about the post and he can add more information in the reply space of the post so as to make the post more interactive. The posts are usually reedited many times to include more information by considering the comments from the readers. It means that the text in the blog is not static, but dynamic and at any time it can change.

Hard or Soft Language?

Unlike websites, the blog is purely informal and the readers of the blog belong to multiple categories. The language should be as simple as possible so that anybody can understand the idea of the blogger. If the language of the post is too hard and complicated, the reader will skip the blog because nobody will keep a dictionary while reading an article in the web. So if a reader finds a blog attractive, simple and readable, he will stick to that blog and make regular visits to get updates. He will also subscribe the blog to get automatic mails about the updating. The descriptions in the post should be simple either in the form of narration or a class room talk or even like a discussion in a Coffee parlor.

Adding multiple contents

It is better to add multiple contents in the blog so that all kinds of people can read and enjoy the posts. Regular updating with new informations is necessary to attract more visitors. Visitors of the Websites belong to a particular category and the search is meant for getting a particular information. Updating of websites is also not frequent. But blogging is entirely different. The tags added along with the post will be automatically placed in the content of the search engine, so that when a visitor types a key word, the blog will appear in the list first, if it is a high rated one.

Blog comments

A website owner is totally free after placing the content in the website and there is no provision to ask the owner about the authenticity of the content. Official websites usually publish genuine matters but this is not the case of websites owned by individuals. Recently, I visited an electronics website which is very ugly to see in layout and there is no updating for the last three years. The contents are scattered without any order and the owner published a number of circuits without much descriptions. Only diagrams are placed that may be the copies from other websites. The owner has no interest to attract people to his website. It is only for getting ads and sale promotion only. Nobody can ask to the website owner about the content and the owner is totally free. Such websites will not attract people and they will skip the page immediately. But the Blogger is more responsible in placing the words in the blog because the reader can make suggestions about the content. So the blogger must be vigilant.

Importance of comments

Comment is an important part of the blog because it gives an immediate feedback about the quality of the post. All blogs have space for posting comments and to get reply from the author. Blog comments may be of three categories:

  1. Inspiring and encouraging comments
  2. Moderate feedbacks and criticism in polished language
  3. Abusing comments in very bad language.

A blogger will not be stressed if the comments are normal and he can very well answer to the comments due to the friendly approach of the reader. But this is not the case if a person makes abusive comments. You may be stressed . Don’t worry. Such people are crawling over the net and crying for popularity only. They will be happy if their name appears in the web. They will not suggest any constructive ideas but simply put some meaningless words.

Positive comments

Most of the visitors make positive comments to improve the quality of the posts. So consider such comments seriously because the visitors are interested in your postings. Some suggestions to deal with positive comments are

  1. Read the comments carefully and identify the problem for any difference of opinion. If possible, contact the reader privately through email to clarify the doubt of the reader. By doing this, the reader may get impressed in your speedy response.
  2. Most of the problems can be solved through interactions. Some readers provoke you with their negative comments just to get an attention in the blog. They don’t want to get your reply but their intention is disturbance only. The solution to the problem may be a simple one but the reader will not accept your views.
  3. If the criticism is genuine or positive it will give advantage to improve your future postings. If you commit a mistake, correct it by accepting the comments. Blog postings can be edited at any time.

Negative comments

Even though most of the comments are positive, you will also get some negative comments . Out of the hundreds of readers, one or two may have negative thoughts and they will try to provoke you with abusing comments. If you feel that a comment is not constructive and only to  hurt you, ignore such comments. Do not publish such comments because the intention of reader is not constructive but to tarnish you. Some readers always focus you and try to find out the mistakes even the spelling mistakes accidentally appearing in the posts. Immediately they post a comment pointing out the mistake. Usually a blogger will correct such mistakes immediately. But before waiting for the edited matter to appear, some readers will post abusing comments. They are trying to invade into your blog for getting popularity. If you answer the comment immediately, they will get a space in your blog and they will repeat the same thing.So take care before moderating each comment. Read the comment fully and moderate the comment only if is not an abusing or offensive one. Do not permit such commentators to intrude into your blog.  Keep such commentators in the spam category by clicking the spam button. The readers will get disappointed when they read ugly comments along with your article. If you submit a hurried response and find that it is not necessary, delete it immediately.

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