Noise Pollution

Unwanted sound is considered as  noise pollution which can cause both behavioral and health problems in human beings. Noise pollution can cause physiological changes in the body like hypertension, high stress level, sleep disturbances etc.

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  3. Very Nice explanation, many things come to know because of this,
    But can we measure this that means at my residential place how much DB sound is? and is there any circuit that we can build and check?

    One more I want to ask that how echo sound is produced? at my residence in the room sound gets echo effect and also if on road, any truck passes then sound is more and gets echo also.

    • Dear Deepak
      I have published one circuit “Noise Meter” in EFY to measure the sound level in dB. Echo is produced when the sound reflects back from objects like wall.Our ear gets two sounds -one from the source and the second from the reflection- with a small gap.We feel this as echo. Echo is very high in large rooms without any sound absorbing materials. Coir mats, wooden furniture etc absorbs much sound and prevents echo. The best method to prevent echo is shielding. Floor mat, window curtains , false ceiling etc can reduce echo. Planting trees especially trees with large leaves near the house and placing indoor plants also reduces echo. This method is called “Green Mufflering”