Human Personality

Human personality is reflected in the way of behavior, daily activities and doing competitive works. Human personality can be classified into Type A, Type B and Type AB personalities according to researchers. Type A behavior (TAB) or personalities have something to do with being competitive and most of them are workaholics. Type B personalities on the other hand are generally patient, relaxed, easy-going . AB personalities have mixed profile and cannot be clearly categorized as either Type A or Type B.

Type A personality

Meyer Friedman and R.H.Rosenman in 1950 first described the Type A personality as the potential risk of health problems especially, those related to cardio vascular system. They conducted studies in people between the age of 35 and 59 and concluded that risk of health problems is double in Type A persons than the other persons. This study had enormous effects in the field of health psychology since the mental health and physical health are closely related.

There are different arguments to define the Type A personality. Some experts define the Type A persons as impatient and rude while others consider them as workaholics. Many other experts define Type A personality as competitiveness. They are usually referred to as Stress Junkies. Experts consider the following characters to describe the Type A personality.

Type A individual as ambitious, aggressive, controlling, highly competitive, impatient,
and time- conscious person.

1. Impatience

People with type A personality often get frustrated while waiting in Que. They always painfully think about the value of time. They usually show aggressiveness or free floating hostility and become rude due to the impatience.

2. Competitive behavior

They have strong achievement and orientation to get success in their activities. They often do multi task jobs and push themselves with deadlines and always hate delays in doing jobs.The competitive drive may cause stress and an achievement-driven mentality.

Features of Type A personality

Over years of Type A behavior, the person may develop certain physical features due to stress and tension. These include facial characters like tight lips, clenched jaws etc. They also show tongue clicking or teeth grinding behavior. Dark circles appear around the eyes and sweat appear frequently on the fore head and upper lip.

Health risks

Due to over excitation and stress, Type A persons may develop health problems like hypertension, palpitation etc. Workaholic nature and over demands for job causes Metabolic syndrome. They try to spend more time in jobs that leads to social isolation and increased stress due to it.

Type B Personality

Studies have shown that, Type B personality is almost perfect when compared to Type A personality. They are generally patient, relaxed, easy going lack overriding sense of urgency.

Type B personality is apathetic and disengaged persons as experts says. They often do jobs silently without showing much stress. Competitive mentality and sense of impatience are less in Type B persons.

Type AB personality

This is a hybrid behavior showing both Type A and Type B characteristics. They have mixed profiles and difficult to categorize as Type A or Type B persons.

But still there are controversies among psychologists and researchers to classify personalities based on sample data and merely observing behavior. Some researchers have the opinion that, the personality can change due to learning, social behavior and also due to the changes in the living environment and life styles. A Type B person can become an overstressed person if his working or living environment is not satisfactory.

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