High Bright LED Emergency Lamp

Here is a High efficiency Emergency Lamp using High bright White LEDs. It automatically turns on when power fails and turns off when power resumes. It is powered by a 6 volt 4.5 Ah rechargeable battery which can power the LEDs for a long period.

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6 thoughts on “High Bright LED Emergency Lamp

  1. Thank you very for your suggestion. I will do accordingly. I have read your battery related posts also, so, i feel I understood something about them. Let me try.

    Thanks again.

  2. Dear Sri DMK,
    Recently our Hospital people bought a 63 LED emergency light, with a built-in battery, which discharges only after 20 minutes. Can we disconnect the weak battery inside with an external battery? The inbuilt one is 4.5 volt battery and the one which I want is of 6v 4.7ah. please help me.

    1. Dear vhhp
      To reduce the Prize, some manufacturers use dummy battery in Emergency lights.Such batteries will not give sufficient backup time. Remove the dummy battery and connect a good quality 6 volt 4.7 Ah battery. Charge it for 14 hours and use. To keep the battery in top condition, it is necessary to discharge and charge once in a week.If the Emergency lamp is not in use for long period, battery will self discharge too much and will not accept full charge during charging.Over charging also reduces the life of battery.Do not keep the lamp in the charged mode continuously if it is not used. So it is better to discharge the battery once in a week by keeping the lamp on for 1 hour and then charge again.

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