Definitely, Arduino has evolved as a phenomenon in electronics and this Open source prototyping platform has gained immense popularity in the field of electronics. Ever since its introduction in 2005, Arduino has gained much popularity in the electronics world due to its easy to use application properties. It is an extremely easy to use platform compared to other prototyping platforms and uses flexible hardware and software to create an interactive environment. Designers can use the libraries and reference designs to integrate Arduino into their projects.

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IR Triggered White LED Lamp

You can switch on this short duration White LED Lamp using the TV remote. The lamp turns off automatically after 3 minutes. It gives sufficient light in the room if you want to locate the remote buttons.

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Battery Level Meter

With this circuit, you can assess the voltage level in Lead Acid Car battery or Inverter battery. It gives LED indications in Dot Mode display to show the level of voltage in the battery. A Lead Acid battery attains 13.8 volts and tubular battery 14.8 volts in the fully charged state. If the battery voltage level drops below 10 volts, it needs immediate charging, and if it is not attaining full charge, it cannot be used to drive the load.

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