Long range uPD6121 IR Transmitter

Here is a long range Digital IR transmitter. It is a precision IR transmitter suitable for TSOP 1738 IR receiver module. Unlike other IR transmitters, this circuit is highly reliable and gives fail proof operation.


See more in this link http://www.engineersgarage.com/contribution/long-range-ir-transmitter


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  1. Dear Sri DMK,
    I feel- for a single person- writing daily articles is difficult and I do not know how you manage to publish such vast variety of articles daily. Hats off! I wish we will be more blessed to read your articles on many variety of circuits. Thank you a lot.

    1. Dear vhhp Thanks for the encouragements. I am spending 2-3 hors daily to do electronics work and updating the blog. Many circuits and articles are already in my PC.So it is easy to add one or more topics daily.Thanks

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