Optimize your Laptop

LCD monitors of PC and Laptop gives best performance and visual attraction when the monitor is set correctly. The OS of the PC or Laptop chooses the best display settings like resolution, colour, refresh rate etc based on the type of LCD screen. The LCD monitor has flat panel display which is thinner and lighter compared to the CRT monitor of PC. LCD monitors come in different screen sizes having a wide screen width-height ratio of 16:9 or 16:10. The standard width model usually has a 4:3 screen ratio. If the settings of the monitor are changed, you can set the various aspects of the LCD monitor to get best performance or you can choose the default settings.

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  1. Dear Sri. DMK,
    Will you please go down in to the LCD monitors and tell us to replace the screens, and to repair the screens if a vertical line or two appear on the screens… etc. Do suggest us some stuff on this. (of course, you are the encyclopedia for us all)

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