Digital Panel Meter

With a single IC L 7107, you can make a 4 digit voltmeter that can show 0-2000 volts through seven segment display. The circuit is low component one and the reading is reliable and accurate. This circuit is used in digital panel meters to give alpha numerical display.

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5 thoughts on “Digital Panel Meter

  1. Hello Ziddik
    Usually, wreaked body parts cost only a little. 🙂
    Do you have a DMM (Digital Multimeter)? A Fully working DMM costs only 200/- which incorporates Panel meter. I have seen most of the hobbyists have 1 or non working DMMS in their tool box. IC and Diplay might not be 7107/… so on, but, can be of use no? I solicit expert comments from our master – Sri. D. Mohan Kumar

    1. Hello vhhp
      The digital multimeter uses almost similar circuit to measure the voltage and display the same in LCD. But most of the DMM uses a COB( Circuit On Board) chip which looks like a button. Complete circuit for the multifunctions is included in it. Only a few components are present outside this chip. The range selector switch uses ball driven contacts to make corresponding contacts. We can use a junk DMM to make a voltmeter by shorting the contacts of the volt meter range.

      1. Sure we can, but the COB is the problem, Because it will get “fried” if something went wrong while we measure voltages. I don’t like the COB “blob” and i think only china produce such kind of things to reduce cost

    1. Hello Ziddik
      IC l 7107 is available in Kochi and Trissur. It cost around Rs.150. Fully assembled board is also available. LCD panel Rs.250 and FND panel Rs.350.LCD type works off single supply 9 volts. Only work is to solder the resistor (1k,10k,100k etc) for the required range and shorting jumper points to select the decimal.

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