Trick to Protect TV

Here is a simple circuit to protect TV from high voltage spikes during lightning or a power surge in the cable. It can be incorporated in the Coaxial cable of TV Antenna or Set top box. It uses a GDT and Safety capacitor to provide protection from high voltage spikes. The same circuit can also protect Cable Modem and Telephone lines.

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2 thoughts on “Trick to Protect TV

  1. (This request of mine is posted in “How it works” and as I could not receive any attention, I am reposting this here. I regret inconvenience caused to you in this regard)
    Dear Sri. DMK,
    I have got two SMD workstations, retired from local cell phone repairers from a junk shop. They are chinese made model 850/ 850A. In both of them, the compressor is in very good condition and the power dimmers of the AIR and HEAT got burnt. One of it, an older one, 850, is a discrete component model and the other one is smd model- 850A. Can we use any light dimmers of 100W capacity? Please explain the other usages of these compressors.
    V. Hari Hara Prasad

  2. Dear Sri. DMK,
    I worked in an eye hospital. In the Operation theatre, the microscope bulb used to blow off very occasional. It is 100W/ 12V, which costs us Rs.450/-. The main reason being the heat generated on long usage. The Surgeon conducts 10 IOL surgeries in 2 or 2.5 hours. In a month or so, we come with 1 replacement of the bulb. I have checked for loose connections, but did not found any. The Microscope is Carl-Zeiss made. Any suggestions please?

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