Mobile Bug is Scoring

My most attracted circuit is Mobile bug published in Electronics for You few years back. More than 500 students selected the Mobile bug as their project in Electronics Engineering. Some intelligent students have modified the circuit very interestingly and some have constructed the circuit with professional touch. See how Erna Tamizi from Malaysia constructed the Mobile Bug with professional touch and  recorded the Video to show its working.

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Click this Link to get the design considerations and trouble shooting tips of Mobile bug

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Capacitor Power Supply Design

Circuit designers are now experimenting with capacitor based power supply due to its low cost and light weight features. Unlike resistive type power supply, heat generation and power loss is negligible in capacitor power supply.

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Electronic Guard

Inrush current at power on or power resumption after a power failure is the major cause of data loss and errors in Micro controller based electronic circuits.  This circuit gives a time delay of 2 minutes to stabilize the power before the device switches on.

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Battery Charging Reminder

This circuit reminds you when the battery enters into the deep discharge state. It always monitor the terminal voltage of  battery, and activates a buzzer when the terminal voltage drops below 11.5 volts due to self discharge.This is an  ideal circuit to monitor the standby battery which is charging occasionally.

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Galvanic Skin Response

Human skin offers resistance to electric current just like a resistor do in an electronic circuit. This transient change in the electrical conductivity of the skin followed by an arousal or oriented response is referred to as Galvanic skin response or GSR.

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