Timer for Charger

Some Microcontroller based Laboratory instruments such as Digital balance, pH Meter etc have rechargeable battery inside. This inbuilt battery should be properly charged for the error free operation of these instruments. If the instrument is not using (or charging) for long time, its inbuilt battery will be destroyed permanently. This timer circuit helps to keep the battery in top condition through automatic charging for 5 to 6 hours daily so that the instrument can be left unattended. The battery will be charged only during the day time.

See more in this link http://www.engineersgarage.com/contribution/charger-timer-circuit

2 thoughts on “Timer for Charger

  1. I just want to implement this to my Acer Aspire 5738 Laptop. The Acer people told that it is not advisable to use the laptop while it is being connected to the charger/ charging. How far it is true? Usually, when the Cell Phones are in charging, no one suggests to use them while on charge, because they say, the internal battery may explode. How far it is true? I am confused. Many different answers are being got. I need your briefing please.

    1. Dear Vhhp
      The Laptop battery usually gives a backup time of 20-30 minutes. So most people use it with the charger plugged in.Usually this will not cause problems since the laptop has power protection circuit. But if the domestic power supply is not correct and the wiring system is not perfect (with out MCB,ELCB) it can cause some unexpected problems if high spikes develop in the power lines. Unlike UPS, the laptop battery and the charger is close to us ( close to the body). That is why some manufacturers advice not to use the laptop while charging.Battery explosion is a rare case in laptop and mobile phone. Periodically check the shape of the battery. If its middle part is bulky and enlarged, it is due to gas accumulation inside the battery. Such batteries are prone to break due to high pressure. One trick to check the mobile battery is ….. place the battery over the table and rotate it. A good battery will not rotate while a swelled battery will rotate.

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