Voice Recorder and Playback Circuit

With this circuit, you can record your voice and play back the same for 20 seconds. The circuit is ideal for door phones, automatic answering devices etc.APR 9301 is used in the circuit which is a data storage and retrieval IC without any micro controller programming.

Click to see circut http://www.engineersgarage.com/contribution/voice-recorder-and-playback-circuit

2 thoughts on “Voice Recorder and Playback Circuit

  1. Thanks for the circuit. I want the recording to repeat in a loop. Can the cirduit be modified to trigger the playback continuously in an endless loop until it is switched off.
    How can your RF remote circuit be connected to play back the recording from a hidden location 20 m away?
    I want to record a rodent sound and trigger replay loop from a distance to lure a predator into a specific open area for photography. Chris

    1. Hello Chris
      Thanks for the feedback. The IC Records data for 20-30 seconds only. When the play back switch is pressed, it starts the sound for the specific time and the IC enters into stand by mode. If you want automatic playing mode, use a CD4060 IC based timer. The output of the IC can be used to trigger a relay for operating the play back switch. So that at specific interval, the sound repeats.RF receiver can be used to use the play back switch through a relay. When the RF receiver gets transmitted signal, the relay will be operated to connect the play back switch.

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