Capacitor Power Supply Design

Circuit designers are now experimenting with capacitor based power supply due to its low cost and light weight features. Unlike resistive type power supply, heat generation and power loss is negligible in capacitor power supply.

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3 thoughts on “Capacitor Power Supply Design

  1. Dear Sri. DMK,
    Many Chinese devices are using the capacitive power supplies and infact- more and more electricians- who are repairing most of these gadgets in the case of non-functioning, are not aware of the circuitary. this post will enlighten most of the enthusiasts. Thank you for the much awaited circuit
    V. Hari Hara Prasad

    1. Hello Hari Hara Prasad
      Thanks for the feedback.Chinese devices use capacitor power supply to make the gadgets cheap. But one drawback is most gadgets fail if the line voltage is not stable.Replacing the capacitor can solve the problem. Most of them use 250 volt capacitor. 400 V or 600V capacitors are more stable.

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