Beware of Scrub typhus

Scrub typhus is the deadly fever caused by the bacterium Orientia tsutsugamushi identified in 1930 from the rural areas of  Japan. It is also known as Bush typhus and the transmitting agent is a Mite belonging to the group Trombiculid particularly the species Leptotrobidium deliense inhabiting the areas having scrub vegetation. Bite of the mite leaves a black spot on the skin which is the useful marking for the identification of Scrub typhus infection.

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More About Lead Acid Battery

A lead acid battery is composed of series of plates immersed in a solution of Sulphuric acid.

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Components are still available

One of my readers is always concerned about the availability of some components used in my circuits. Even though new makes are releasing continuously, the old makes are still in the market. Indian electronics market is rich in new as well as old components and the old one cannot be considered as obsolete. Substitutes are also easily available. We cannot argue if the component is not available in one country since the availability and use varies in different regions. A wise designer can easily substitute a component if the make shown in the circuit is not available.

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Heat Sensor

This simple circuit acts as a warning device whenever the temperature exceeds the preset level in its vicinity. It is an ideal circuit to monitor the heat generating devices like PC, Inverter etc.

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Computer borne illness

Living in the modern digital world has benefits but along with the benefits of computer and mobile technology, we are also acquiring permanent health problems. Just like Air borne and Water borne diseases, computer and mobile phone related illness is also increasing.

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TV Tuner Card

TV Tuner card helps to see the Television programmes in a Computer or Laptop. TV tuner card is basically a video capture circuit allowing the user to see the TV programmes in PC monitor and to record the same in hard disk.

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Charger with Current Flow Indicator

If the battery charger is not properly connected to the battery terminals, charging will not takes place. If the terminals, connecting clips etc are dirty or corroded, current will not pass into the battery. Here an LED indication is used to confirm the current flow into the battery.

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