4 comments on “Design Your Circuit. Part VI – IC 4017 Circuits

  1. dear mohankumar,
    pls clear me one doubt regarding 4017 ic. in your clap circuit, when led white is in on condition,if we are removing battery and connecting again,4017 get input pulse and red led glows. if we remove and connect battery again, 4017 get another pulse and white led get on. means, on each time 4017 loses the supply voltage and retain, getting input pulse and red and white led glows alternately each time. ( i have used 9v transformer supply and when power goes and come back ,without clap led is malfunctioning.) can you suggest a remedy for this?
    ie, if we remove the supply voltage and connect again,4017 should be in same state as when we removed the supply. if we removed the supply while white led glows,after connecting supply only white led must glow. should not go to the next led. pls help me

    • Dear Vasanth

      CD 4017 is the decade counter with highly sensitive input. It has no latching action to keep the output high /low steady.More over the at power on, the Mic amplifier sends a short pulse to trigger 4017. If you use a Transformer power supply, frequent switching can be avoided. If power fails and returns the same thing happens.The only remedy is instead of the relay driver transistor, use an SCR so the relay will be in the latched state. But to remove the latching again we have to switch off power. The Clap switch is meant to turn On/Off gadgets through claps.Its drawback like false triggering at power on cannot be eliminated.More complicated circuitry is necessary for this.

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