How Cell phone changes our Life? – Fact File 4

Cellphone is not a play device. It is the strongest of all electronic devices using radio waves. Unlike other wireless devices, Cell phone uses frequency in the Gigahertz range close to the Microwave band. Why it uses this frequency? Cellphone requires strongest signals free from interferences to make continuous link with the far located tower (normally 2 km radius) and the satellite. Just observe the range indicator. It is always moving which indicates the effort to make the link. If it is not getting the link, automatically it will jump to another tower. During this effort, very high bursts of radiating energy will spread around us. This kind of high energy radiation is not seen in any domestic appliances. The problem is severe since the Cellphone is always close to the body.

Is it cooking?

Microwave induced effects are severe. The main effect is the fast rotation of water molecules in the cells due to very high energy from the cell phone. During this fast rotation, water molecules collide each other and generates heat through friction.This is the Thermal effect. This mechanism is used in  Microwave Oven. Without water and flame, we can boil an egg using microwave energy.  Heat generates in the food itself due to Thermal effect.The radiation from the mobile phone is not very strong like the energy of a microwave oven, but still it has the same properties with less energy level. The organs in the head such as brain, eyes, ear etc are fluid filled so this effect is possible due to the prolonged use of cell phone. Any radiation effect will appear as a visible symptom only after 10-15 years of exposure.

It is over loading the Brain

The frequency of some of the brain waves that determine mood and alertness resemble the mobile phone radiation frequency. So that the normal brain functions will be affected even in a few persons using mobile phones continuously. Some users of mobile phone feel several unspecific symptoms during and after the use of mobile phones in the form of burning and tingling sensations in the scalp, fatigue, sleep disturbances, dizziness, loss of mental concentration etc. All these may be due to the influence of the radiation on the biomagnetic field of the body. Burning sensation in the Scalp and Ear pinna, Mood alteration and lack of concentration, Lethargy and lack of sleep, confusion and loss of memory etc are some common symptoms in cell phone addicts.  It also alters the sleep physiology and biological rhythm by changing the level of Dopamine, Serotonin hormones of the brain. So the Cellphone addicts may sleep too much or sleep less.

Over stressed Ear

Inner part of the human ear is too delicate and has sensitive hair cells bathed in a fluid. The vibration of the fluid causes stimulation of hair cells and we hear the sound. The high energy from cell phone causes over stressing in these hair cells and they may fatigue due to over activity. Piercing sound from the cell phone speaker causes irritation in the ear drum and hair cells. The cell phone speaker (not speaker but tweeter) generates sound in 2-4 kHz to hear the conversation in noisy environments. Our hearing threshold is too high in this frequency but we hear this frequency rarely in ordinary situation. Natural sounds lie between 5-15 kHz.  See, the buzzing of UPS is irritating, since the buzzer generates sound in 2-4 kHz to catch the attention of the user. But due to over enthusiasm, we are ignoring the irritation from cell phone speaker, but remember, our ear is over stressing.

It is creating problems in Road

Cell phone use in social situations may result in physical as well as mental overloading. Local interaction with the surroundings and remote interaction with the other person demands certain attention. For example, when you use cellphone in a bus stand or while crossing the road, mental over loading develops. This makes the user blind to local cues due to cognitive overloading. For example, when you use cell phone while walking through the road, you may not see a vehicle coming close to you. This is the “Inattention blindness”

It is inviting Accidents

Mobile phone use in public place makes the user overloaded and becomes unaware of the details of the communicative behavior of co- located individuals as well as other relevant features of the social situation. This is more important while travelling. Most of the accidents in train and railway tracks are due to  cognitive loading and inattention blindness related to cellphone use.

Combining driving and Mobile phone use may cause accidents due to inattention blindness and cognitive load. Cell phone conversation distracts the driver’s attention, increases the reaction time, and reduces visual field attention. Cognitive load rises above the visual sensation and diverts attention. Memory of visual inputs and response drastically reduces if cognitive load increases. For example, if the actual distance between two vehicles is 5 meters, due to cognitive load, the driver may feel that, it is 10 meters. He will not get time to apply break.

It is changing our behaviour

If the voice is not clear or the situation is noisy, we have to give more attention to the call rather than the local situation. This creates Caller Hegemony which is the asymmetric relationship between the caller and answerer. A sudden ring tone may demands higher attention to the phone rather than the local settings. If you use cell phones in busy areas, trains or buses, the sudden ring tone may alter your attention or the message from the caller may cause a disturbed feeling. This will leads to inattention blindness, stress etc. If you are in a well mood to do a job, a single call can destroy your whole day.

Cell phone use in public place increases the reaction time to events around the user. For example, you will not get time to move away from a danger. Reduced attention to local situation may disturb others since the user is not attending the social situation. Your conversation and body language may be annoying to others and they are forced to observe you. Use of Mobile phones in gatherings, meetings, entertainment places etc disturbs others through the inattention blindness of the user.

Affecting Brain too much ?
Over use of Cell phone introduced two New generation Psychological problems in Cellphone addicted population.

No-Mo phobia (NoMobile phobia)

It is the Panic symptom caused by the loss of cell phone contact in cell phone addicted individuals. When we run out of credit or battery, loss of phone or are in an area with no reception, being phoneless can bring the panic symptoms of No Mophobia such as Fear, sweating, shivering, angry, high breath, restlessness etc. This totally upsets the mood and the person enters into a state of short time depression.

Ringxiety- Ringtone anxiety

This is an anxiety symptom related to the over use of mobile phone, a form of addiction. Ringxiety refers to the sensation and false belief that the mobile phone is ringing or vibrating. The term is also used to explain the condition in which a person frequently takes the cell phone to see whether there is any a mis call or messages. The person always gives a priority to cell phone than his personal activities.

See …. these problems are not in Land phone use since the use is restricted .This indicates that when the technology advances ,misuse doubles that can reduce the charm of  invention.


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