Why we are so Happy or Sad? Fact File 7

We have both Pleasure centre and Pain centre in the brain. When there is over stress, the pleasure centre will be inoperative so that the normal enjoyable moments will not give any pleasure. Into our brain, millions of messages are passing  daily, of which some are happy messages and others, are sad messages. Brains cells communicate each other through the chemical messengers produced by them to make the body prepared to cope up with the situations. If the messages are happy, then the Endorphin system responsible for the happy mood will be elicited. The sad messages are also carried by the brain messengers which causes mood alteration and  loss feeling. Most nerve centers in the brain are capable of receiving both happy and sad messengers and as long as their input is balanced, everything runs normally.If a person is capable of using these happy messengers wisely, he feels that stress is challenging, fun and enjoyable.Don’t be anxious about the future, and don’t be too much ambitious . A person living in  the real world  will have pastpresent and future. But a person under stress will not have these . We know past, but we don’t know future. So it is better to live in present.

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How does Pixel creates Image? Fact File 6

In Computer based Image creation, Raster image is used which is the data structure that represents a rectangular grid of Pixels or Points of colour that can be viewed on the Monitor. Raster image is also called as Bitmap which consists of single points called Pixel or Picture element. The number of pixels in the image represents its resolution. The pixel can be considered as the smallest portion of the digital image. It also denotes the unit of measurement of the resolution such as 1200 pixels.Let us see its creation.

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