Why Electricity is so Brutal? Fact File 11

Not always, but only when handled carelessly. Shock induced muscle tetany is the most important effect of current on the muscles. If a person touches the energized conductor, fore arm muscles contracts forcefully and fingers bend. So the person involuntarily holds the conductor. Therefore the victim will be unable to take the hand from the conductor.

As you know, electricity is the flow of electrons through a conductor from its source to the destination. If the conductor offers less resistance, the flow current will be fast and if the conductor has some resistance, the flow of electrons will be obstructed leading to slow movements which generate heat through friction.

Human skin is a semiconductor for electricity and current passes through the body to the ground just like the flow of current through the electric wire. This flow of current causes burning and shock. If the skin resistance is low, the chance of shock hazard is very high. Some people are more sensitive to current while others are less sensitive. Electrical safety measures are necessary while dealing with high voltage AC available from the power grid. Ignorance can lead to a fatal shock or fire hazards.

Remember, Electricity travels at the speed of light. Its flow is around 299,460 kilo meters per second so you will not get time to react because you can’t move faster than electricity. So the best way is staying out of its way.
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Why Cellphone is prohibited in Air Craft? Fact File 10

Cell phone use is not allowed in Air crafts since it may interfere with the signaling system of the Air craft through Electromagnetic compatibility. EMC is the ability of Electronic or Electrical equipment to operate in their intended electromagnetic environment. Most of the electronic equipments are designed to operate within a defined margin of safety and performance without causing breakdown due to the interference of electromagnetic field.

The strong electromagnetic field from Mobile phones, Radio transmitters, Wireless devices etc creates the Electromagnetic pollution, the commonly called “Electronic Smog”. As a result of these emissions, normal working of other sensitive electronic devices will be affected. More and more Microprocessor based electronic equipments are now in use and these electronic systems are susceptible to interference from radiating devices. The presence of EMC can cause sudden breakdown of delicate microprocessor based equipments. . Let us see the facts behind the Electromagnetic radiation.
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