How to protect our Image? Fact File 20

Simple but less use. A tricky person can do anything because there are many free software to remove all the markings even the digital marking on the image. But if we give protection mark, majority will think twice before going to do the trick. Majority of people are using the images in facebook and blogs after downloading from other websites. But most of the people are aware about the copy right rules and they do not use the image if there is a copy right symbol. If you use the photo of a scenery or gadget, it will not harm much but it is serious if you use an artistic work, graphic designs or rare image without permission.

Some images are free downloadable sharing images and you can use such images indicating the source. But close watch the images containing the statement or other indications showing protection. Down load and use the image only after getting permission from the author. Some images are simple without any copy right and the authors will not have any objection to use it in other websites.

Image theft is the unauthorized copying and use of Images and Photographs from documents including the electronic media. Some people are deliberately ignoring this matter and simply downloading,and using the images in their websites or blogs without seeking the permission of the author. How to solve these problems? Here are some tips to protect your images even though it will not give sufficient protection since a tricky person can do many things.

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Why Laptop screen looks fuzzy? Fact File 19

LCD monitors of PC and Laptop gives best performance and visual attraction only when the monitor is set correctly. The OS of the PC or Laptop chooses best display settings like resolution, colour, refresh rate etc based on the type of LCD screen. The LCD monitor has flat panel display which is thinner and lighter compared to the CRT monitor of PC. LCD monitors come in different screen sizes having a wide screen width-height ratio of 16:9 or 16:10.

The standard width model usually has a 4:3 screen ratio. If the settings of the monitor changes, the screen becomes fuzzy.

If the DPI (Dot per Inch) is high, the fonts will look clearer. When the DPI is increases ,the resolution also increases. In higher resolution of 1900 x 1200 pixels, items appear sharper but the items appear smaller so that more items can be included in the screen. If the resolution is low say, 800×600 pixels, items appear larger so that only a few items can be displayed on the screen.

For best result and attractive visual display, we have to set the Native Resolution, Colour scheme, Flicker rate, Brightness and contrast etc. Before going to the details of Laptop optimization, see an important laptop screen maintenance tip.

LCD or TFT (Thin Film Transistor) monitors are thin and flimsy so do not touch or rub on the screen. If dust or dirt accumulates, use Monitor cleaning spray and tissue paper to clean the monitor. Do not apply the spray directly on the screen. Apply some cleaning fluid in the tissue paper and clean the screen gently. If dust is accumulated on the rim of the screen, use a fine soft brush to remove it. Monitor cleaning Kit is available for the same.

If you use Laptop on the lap, leave that habit. Hot air (from the processor) around 80-100 degree passes out through its bottom. This hot air can very well heat up your lower abdomen.
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