How Liquid vaporizer expels mosquito? Fact File 28

Liquid repellents are now widely used to repel mosquitoes. The Liquidator mosquito repellent has a graphite rod in the middle and the bottle is filled with the repellent. There is a heater coil in the liquidator. The repellent chemical when comes in to contact with the heated rod turns into fume which disables the sensors of the mosquitoes. The fumes produced by the repellent blocks the chemo sensors of mosquitoes so that they cannot identify human beings.

Liquid mosquito repellents contain chemicals such as ,Prallelthrin , Allethrin etc. Of these the most commonly used one is Pralletrhin. Prallethrin is a pyrethroid chemical used as an insecticide. It is an Yellow to amber viscous liquid. d -trans-Prallethrin is a potent contact insecticide which produces a rapid knock-down, with same chemical and physical properties as Prallethrin.d-trans-Allethrin  is also a  powerful repellent used in mosquito coil and liquid.

These chemicals in the form of vapors block the chemo reception and also the respiratory tracts of the mosquitoes and thus they avoid the hostile situation.The chemical repellents used as mosquito repellents are toxic substances. Even though the concentration of the ingredient is in a safe level, this may cause allergic and respiratory problems in some persons. Precautions are recommended by the manufacturers and these include

1. Avoid inhalation and skin contact.

2. Wash contaminated skin & eyes.

3. Destroy empty containers after use.

4. Keep away from food stuff and animal feeds.

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How Swatter burns Mosquito? Fact File 27

Mosquito Swatter, the commonly called mosquito bat is an electronic device that produces high voltage around 300-400 volts in its nets. When the mosquito passes through the outer and inner nets of the swatter, its wings short out and burns in the spark. When the mosquito swatter is switched on, and gently swings, the electric field from the net attracts the mosquitoes and they try to move though the net which gives a fatal shock. Proper care is necessary while using the swatter, otherwise it will be damaged easily. These are the tips to maintain the swatter.

  1. In rechargeable type swatter, the battery should be properly charged. It is a 3 volt battery which discharges deeply if the unit is used for 10-20 minutes continuously. So after the use, it should be plugged in for charging.
  2. Grid shorting is another important cause of failure. During the use, the grid may mechanically vibrate and hit on furniture and walls. The nets are very delicate and if they make contact each other, shorting occurs which may destroy the internal circuit.
  3. If water is spilled on the net, dry it immediately in sunlight. Do not try to push cloth  into the net to wipe water. It will destroy the net.
  4. Take care while charging the Swatter. If the inbuilt plug is loose in the socket, there is chance for sparking which can destroy the internal circuit. If the plug is loose, the swatter may fall from the wall socket. So if the pin is not fitting in the socket firmly, try to charge in an extension cord with the swatter placed in the horizontal plane.
  5. Do not introduce any metal tools like screw driver into the net. It will destroys the net through shorting and can give a shock (mild but can burn) to you. Do not touch the net when the switch is pressed.
  6. The output from step-up transformer is connected to the grids using wires. These wires are soldered to the grid. When the mechanical vibration is too strong, the solder points may detach.
  7. Do not give the swatter to children. They will play badminton considering mosquito as ball. During the play, definitely there will be a  hit- not on the mosquito but on the wall or furniture. This can damage the swatter permanently.

Inside the swatter…

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