Is it possible to see our energy? Fact File 30

Yes, we can. We have to use Kirlian imaging for that. There is an invisible halo around our body produced by the electromagnetic field called L-Field or Life Field. This L- field appears in measurable quantities and offers great promise in determining the physiological and psychological states of the body. Kirlian imaging is the method of representing energy forms of the body in a visual form. The method rely on the fact that all living organisms emits energy in various forms like heat ,light, sound, chemical energy etc due to the internal metabolism. By using the Kirlian photography, these energy forms can be imaged.

The L- Field of an organism greatly determines its life activities, development etc. The L-Field is greatly influenced by the planets, lunar, solar cycles etc. By reading the L-Field, it is possible to predict ovulation cycle in females, development of internal scars, diagnosis of ailments etc. Studies have revealed that the L-Field reaches its maximum at full moon and changes in L-Field affects the mental and emotional states of human beings. The emotional activity involves mobilization of electrical energy, changes in brain wave etc. So it is easy to determine the emotional state by measuring the L-Field of the body.

The biological basis of Kirlian photography is the Biomagnetism and the L-Field of human body. Biomagnetism refers to the electromagnetic field produced by the living cells during their activities. The Bioelectromagnetism is the generation of an electric current by the action potentials during membrane depolarization and the magnetism thus produced. The living cells use this bioelectricity to store and release energy. Many animals use the Biomagnetism in their daily life. Some animals use the biosensors to detect the magnetic fields during movement. Birds for example have the ability to detect the magnetic field of earth during migration. Fishes like Electric eel and Electric ray emits strong electric field from the body. In human body different forms of Biomagnetism like brain waves, myoelectricity etc exists. Some touch screens use the biomagnetic field from the finger tip to activate the electron flow in the touch screen.

The True Kirlian imaging technique involves the introduction of ultra low current with high frequency and high voltage to the object to amplify the energy forms of the object. The image is then produced on a camera.

The method of Kirlian imaging was discovered by Semyon and Valentina Kirlian in 1939. Kirlian Imaging is otherwise known as Contact Photography. The object to be photographed must make contact with the body to take images. One of the physical explanations of Kirlian photography is that, the images are formed due to the Corona effect usually found in high voltage sources like Tesla coil. In dark environment, this corona effect appears as faint glow of light around the object which can be photographed on a suitably calibrated film.

True Kirlian image is a Photogram produced by applying a voltage to an object. Photogram is the image made without a camera by placing the object directly on the surface of a photographic paper and then exposed to light. The resulting image is a negative image with varying tone depending on the transparency of the object. The area of the photographic paper that receives no light appears as white while the surrounding area exposed to light becomes dark. Semyon Kirlian accidentally found that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a voltage source an image will be produced.