Why our PC is lagging? Fact File 40

Answer is simple. It is loaded with data and hence memory loss. A good PC will open the page or down load a matter with a single click. To make the PC fast, we have to do something. These are the tips to make your PC fresh and active.

1. Do not save files and images in the Desktop. It is managed by the drive C which already contains too much data.

2. Save files in other drives like D, E etc.

3. Make separate folders like Personal, Video, Image, Song etc in the D and E drives and save the files in the folders. This will keep the drive clean to see and it is easy to find out the files. Also arrange the files based on Type so that similar files will automatically arrange in alphabetic order.

4. Remove old files, video, songs etc from PC and store it is CD or Pen drive.

5. Down load programmes only in D or E drives. Do not use Drive C for saving down loaded programmes. It will make the PC slow.

6. Do not keep large files like Video in PC. It will consume large space and also makes PC slow and hanging. Store videos in CD.

Let us see the PC cleaning methods

Start PC cleaning

1. After removing old and useless files from PC start the cleaning process. A number of cookies, files etc will be downloaded automatically during browsing and these will be in the down load folder.

2. Open control panel. Switch to category view. There is Performance and Maintenance. Click to open. In windows 7 ultimate there is Performance and information tool. Click to open. There is Disc clean up. Select drive and click ok. Disc clean up will calculate the unwanted data and will show the files. Select the files and click OK. All the unwanted files will be removed. Repeat the process for other drives also using the dropdown button. This will not remove useful files.

3. Open My documents. Delete all unwanted or duplicate files.

4. Open down loaded folder. Remove all unnecessary files and programmes.

5. Open Internet explorer. Click Tools. Then click Internet options. Click Delete and select all the files. Then Click delete. All the unwanted files stored during browsing will be removed. Open Internet option and select the Delete browsing history on Exit and Apply. So that when we close the browser, the history of the visited pages will be removed automatically. If we clean Internet explorer, the cleaning occurs in other browsers also since Explorer is the basic browser in the PC.

6. Open Control panel. Click Add or Remove (Uninstall a programme). A list will be available. Uninstall all the unwanted programmes. All the programmes will be active at boot up and the booting process will be slow.

7. If you want to retain a programme which is using rarely, then disable it from boot up.

8. Desk top should be clean. Transfer all the unwanted Icons to a Folder. Keep only the Browser, My computer and Word Icon on the desktop.

9. Scan the computer fully once in a week to remove cookies and malwares if down loaded.

10. Clean the desktop using Cleaning fluid, if there is dust and grease.