How Electronic Tag Works? Tech Focus 2

Electronic tags are now widely used  for identification and tracking objects. Tags also find uses in commercial products to mark their identity . The object tagged with the Electronic tag can be easily identified or located. The common type of tag used is the Radio Frequency Tag or RF TagRadio Frequency Identification ( RFID) is the technology used to transfer data from an Electronic Tag using radio frequency waves. The Tag called RFID Tag or RFID label is attached to an object and the data is collected in a RFID Reader to track the object. The signals from the Tag can be collected by the reader even if the Tag is located far away from the line-o-sight of the tag. The RFID tracking is a form of automatic identification technology using a unique serial number in the tag. RFID is widely used in biometric identification systems, domestic utilities, commercial items, security services etc for easy identification. Unlike Bar coding system, RFID does not require direct contact with the object and even it can identify the tagged objects placed in the body.

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How Bluetooth works? Tech Focus 1

Bluetooth is the miniature wireless transmitter and receiver used as an interface to  access  LANs, PSTN, Mobile network and portable handheld devices. Bluetooth can communicate with the Bluetooth enabled devices through a short range network called  ”Piconets”. When the Bluetooth enabled device enters the proximity of the piconet, it establishes connection with the Bluetooth.It is very useful for hands free communication in hand held devices. The technology of Bluetooth was named after Harald Blaatand Bluetooth II, the king of Denmark.

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